NTV newsroom has been turned into a lodging, Meet the LADY involved in S£X scandals (PHOTOs).

The NTV newsroom has been turned into a lodging after it emerged that most female employees sleep their way up. CK Wachira, the Senior News Director, has been the talk of the Kimathi Street based station for using her flesh to get favours from her bosses. A source whispered to us that CK Wachira has been using the basement parking of the newsroom to trade flesh with senior managers at NTV for favours. Majority of her fellow employees hate her with a passion. She is arrogant, incompetent and difficult to work with. She was promoted to Senior News Director despite lacking proper academic qualifications and skills. Power of “Nunu” has made her rise up the ranks. We understand that Senior Managers at NTV are s3x hungry beasts who use their positions to harass junior employees. Any lady who has interned at NTV, especially the broadcast division, will tell you this. Here are photos of CK, the lady who is said to have dished out her “Nunu” to most senior managers at NTV. She was promoted last year to Senior News Director but we hear she is so incompetent. See her in the next page
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