LAST MINUTES of CLARE MWANIKI the SEXIEST Ruthless gangster in Nairobi before she was KILLED...Don't JOKE with HESSY wa KAYOLE (SEE DETAILS+PHOTOS)

According to reports, police waylaid them and were forced to fire at the thugs ordering them to surrender.

However, the Claire and one of gangsters shot at the police as they attempted to escape.
Claire's photo she posted on Facebook. (Facebook)

The police fired back and managed to kill the two while the others managed to escape on foot.

Clare's body lay on the road, still clutching at a Beretta pistol, which had six rounds of ammunition before her body and the other gangster were taken to the city mortuary.

In one of the Facebook page, ‘Dandora Love People’, some who apparently knew Claire posted details on her "thug life".

Claire is identified as the wife of a “notorious” robber known as Mwanii.

Clare Abdi Vybs aka Clare Mwaniki (Facebook)

Hayawi hayawi huwa. Clea Adi Vybz mnakumbuka nikimpea warning awache wizi na bwanake Mwanii???? (Clea Adi Vybz, do you remember me warning her to stop committing robberies with her husband Mwanii?),” Hessy wa Kayole posted.

The Facebook user apparently had warned her to stop carrying the gun for her husband.

“Sabrina Hassan, Mungu alikuokoa (Sabrina Hassan, God saved you),” Hessy said in the post on ‘Kayole Crime Free’ and ‘Dandora Crime Free’ Facebook pages and warned another woman to stop her criminal activities.

According to her Facebook page, Clare describes herself as a former University of Nairobi student and a lover of life.
According to Nairobi Police Commander Japheth Koome, many criminal gangs have female members. (Standard Digital)

Nairobi Police Commander Japheth Koome said many criminal gangs have female members.

“The women are used to transport guns, gather information while some even take part in robberies,” Mr Koome said, adding that they also take food to male suspects in hiding.

He said the involvement of females in crime was a challenge to the security as officers are not allowed to search handbags.
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