7 BIZARRE SHOCKING THINGS that happened during the burial of CLAIRE MWANIKI....See Horrifying strange things that happened to her COFFIN IN THE GRAVE...Was She the DEVIL's Lover??? (LOOK)

A guy has come up with an interesting observation. There are 7 crazy things that happened during the burial of pretty Kayole thug Clea. It was not a normal buried. She was buried like a useless dog. The coffin even broke when she was being buried. The guy posted the interesting observation saying, “something crazy happened during the gangstar lady's burial
1.there were no eulogy or tribute 
2.no schedule or order 
3.the pastor didnt even introduce her parents or siblings 
4.when people started piling the soil the cof in broke open....(see photo in the next page)..he he 
5.the cross faced the wrong direction.. 
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