VERY ANGRY Mike Sonko REJECTS President Uhuru's offer of 1 BILLION and Cabinet Post to give way for PETER KENNETH to battle with Kidero. "I CANT BE USED LIKE A TOILET PAPER". WHO WILL YOU VOTE FOR? SONKO, PETER. KENNETH OR KIDERO?

benefitted from the same vote, explaining how he ended up as the candidate with the most votes in Nairobi county.

Sonko has rejected the use of JP mart cards because, according to sources, he was going to lose the nomination.

“Peter Kenneth’s team had more cards than Sonko and so when Sonko realised he had been outwitted, he rejected the cards,” a Sonko aide said.

A number of secret meetings have been held since Sonko presented his papers, attempting to persuade him to drop out or take another position.

Some in the JP hierarchy say forcing Sonko out could lead to a backlash from his many supporters, making it hard for Jubilee to win the governor’s office.

In one meeting, Sonko reportedly asked for Sh2 billion but this was rejected because it was feared it wound fund his campaign.

Yesterday the Star learnt Sonko sought Mbaru after Margaret Wanjiru refused to be his running mate.

Wanjiru wants to be the JP governor backed by Sonko.

Both Sonko and Wanjiru were members of Team Nairobi, which included nominated MP Johnson Sakaja and Dagoretti North MP Dennis Waweru. Sakaja dropped his bid for governor and will not go for the senate.

Waweru will defend his seat.
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