Séx: How To Give It To Him Like You Mean It

.... or flicking your tongue. Become his eye candy. Squat and open your legs wide so he can watch you climax with him!

It’s time to take it home.
Find a rhythm between your mouth and hand. Take a huge breath and don’t breath again until you feel like you can hold it anymore. Take a lung-full of air and do it all over again. Keep it moving and build momentum with each stroke. Spit. Keep going.
You will feel him tense as he is close to finishing.

This part is optional (unless you’re trying to get a ring):
The key to swallowing for a beginner is not tasting it. An advanced he ad giver might play with it in their mou th but that’s your choice. I’m not one for interrupting the moment, so I don’t recommend spitting it out (unless you’re going to sop it back up). When that tangy (sometimes bitter) secretion flows, think of it as yogurt and swallow!
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