SAD NEWS: Reports from Tanzania say ROSE MUHANDO IS GONE, wasted by DRUGS – here is the SHOCKING truth

 vehemently deny having abused drugs.
“I don’t abuse drugs and I will never abuse drugs. If that is the scandal my enemies thought would bring me down musically, then their efforts are futile. The propagators of those rumours asked me to work with them but I refused,”
Rose Muhando told Mwanaspoti Newspaper.
“I am not indulging in drugs in any way, and the more they talk, the more it affects my family psychologically and
emotionally. I am a mother of three children, I have relatives (they are being affected by the rumours). The rumour
mongers know very well I don’t have anyone who would come to my defense,” added Rose Muhando.
Rose Muhando was born in 1976 in Dumila Village, Morogoro Province
She was initially a Muslim before converting to Christianity when she was 9-years-old. She had been ailing for three years – all through in bed –, and when she fully recovered she converted to Christianity. Rose Muhando’s albums include: Mteule Uwe Macho, Kitimutimu, Jipange Sawasawa and Utamu wa Yesu.
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