Wanaweka Ndaaani Kabisa!! Here is Why Kalenjin Men Are Beasts In B3d...Watch Video

Kalenjins are known world over for their prowess on the track but it seems they are equally good in the s@ck.

According to the new kids on the block ­comedy group Propesa, there is a secret why Kalenjins are b3asts in b3d. 

‘Kalenjins are (s3x) marathoners meaning they can run for three hours non­stop. So the secret behind our prowess in b3d is firstly Mursik (Kalenjin traditional drink) which serves as an energizer, secondly Mursik and also thirdly Mursik plus another secret ingredient known as Gusaret,’ 

Watch the hilarious video below as Propesa puts the matter to bed. 

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