Was STEPHEN NGILA INNOCENT ???. New Details Emerge On JACKLINE MWENDE'S LOVE Life....Boda Boda Riders Were Fighting For Her And She Had A SOMALI LOVER

.....that it was the Somali man who financed Mwende’s shop at the village market and fingers were pointed towards his direction after a possible fallout. 

Could mwende be hiding something?

"She had not been forthright with the information she has been feeding the public. While we are sorry for the attack on her, it is evil to implicate an innocent person, yet she knows the truth," a relative off Ngila told The Nairobian. 

“The Somali doubled as a business partner and provided everything for the shop which Mwende was operating. Beyond business, the closeness was questionable in the eyes of the public,” our source claimed. The case against Ngila was set to be heard on February 27, 2017.
COURTESY: The Nairobian
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