Was STEPHEN NGILA INNOCENT ???. New Details Emerge On JACKLINE MWENDE'S LOVE Life....Boda Boda Riders Were Fighting For Her And She Had A SOMALI LOVER

Stephen Ngila and Jackline Mwende were like any other regular couple struggling to make ends meet before the most shocking story of domestic abuse hit the nation.

Jackline was a shopkeeper at Ilinge market in Machakos, while her husband ran a tailoring shop at Masii market. 

Residents revealed that their domestic struggles was a result of Mwende’s questionable ‘dealings’ with men around. A neighbour said that Ngila had left Mwende a year before her attack, although she told the world that he had left their matrimonial home three months before the assault. 

Ngila was reportedly fed up with his wife’s closeness to boda boda riders and a Somali man who had been trying to get her attention. 

Sources revealed.....
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