SAD CONFESSIONS: Papa Shirandula's Kawira’s Husband Opens up About The STRUGGLES He Has Battled in His Marriage With The CITIZEN TV'S Actress

Time and time again we have heard people say marriage is not easy. Mst celebrities including Nameless and his lovely wife, Wahu have admitted to this and now Kawira husband has come forth to reveal that his union has not been a walk in the park either.

Speaking to eDaily, pastor Ephantus Wahome says that he faced a few problems with Kawira aka Joy since he was expecting her to be a submissive wife, whose place is in the kitchen. However according to him it was impossible for Kawira who was working at that time.

Pastor Wahome goes on to add that when he settled with Kawira, he was still a village man who expected his wife to follow everything her husband says.

"Joy and I really struggled, we could not....
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