“I WANT S3'X, NOT BIBLE VERSES” Pastor's Wife Accuses Him Of S3'xu@lly Starving Her For Seven Years

Mary Ngwenya pleaded for s3'x in court as she revealed her husband hadn’t touched her for 7 years. The enraged wife claims her husband comes up with all sort of excuses when she asks him to m@ke l0've to her.

A Zimbabwean court was treated to drama as pastor Petros Tshuma of Zion Grace International was accused by his wife of starving her since 2010.

Mary Ngwenya told the magistrate that her husband deliberately failed to fulfill his duties as a man since 2010.

“Your worship, I’m s3'xually abused by this man as he last had s3'x with me in 2010. If I ask him about the issue he would promise to make up for it but when it’s time for s3'x he simulates sickness then claims to be feeling pain in his stomach. What I know is that he enjoys s3'x with three ladies from our church. I have WhasApp text messages to prove that. I’m a human being. I don’t survive on Bible verses and I need my husband to sl33p with me. Now I lead a pretentious life telling the women I lead that I’m enjoying my marriage while I’m s3'x st@rved,” an emotional Ngwenya was quoted by the Observer.

In his defense, pastor Tshuma said that he always feels severe stomach pain when he engages in s3'x that's why he stopped m@king out with his wife.

“I love my wife but I have a problem, when I engage in s3'x my stomach starts to twinge as a result I feel an intense pain and due to that I had to stop. It’s not true that I’m in love with other women. My wife saw text messages from the women who wanted counseling on their marriages, due to that she quickly concluded that I’m in l0ve with them,” he said.

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