By GEORGE MORARA – Why Ruto Must Be Dragged To The Nearest VCT Centre For HIV Test

By George Morara

My dear friends, the people are right to judge Ruto. He’s a man who weeps in public prayer sessions. He was already in a responsible position when he took advantage of that young woman. Then he abandoned her with a child. Her life is ruined. She has ‘baggage’ now and for her future husband, it’ll need overcoming huge emotional and psychological as well as social issues- now add financial and spiritual-

Ruto is a leader. People look up to him for example and guidance. Then he does something like this!!!

So many men in our country are now vindicated to use women and abandon them with their children. I know so many young women whose lives have been destroyed- if you gonna have sex with a young woman with no intention of marrying, then take responsibility when you give her a baby. This man has been going around the country dishing out wads of cash- 7, 8 figure sums.. and couldn’t provide for his own blood.

People are saying don’t judge Ruto… oh please don’t make me swear! – in the Old Testament, a leader or a man of high standing in the community always had to offer a bull for a sacrifice if he or she sinned. Ordinary people had the option to bring a pigeon – because they were ordinary. If you are in a position of responsibility, you pay more for your sins, because ordinary people look up to you for a moral example.
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