SHOCKING REVELATIONS......Jose Chameleone Is A Devil Worshipper, He Introduced My Fiance Into Satanism,' Read Full Story

Kenyan musician Bamboo who recently got saved for the second time is once again in the headlines.

Bamboo has surprised many after revealing shocking revelations about East Africa music doctor Jose Chameleone.

In a lengthy post he shared on Facebook, the Kenyan singer accused Chameleone of introducing his fiancée; Erica to Satanism.

Here is Bamboo’s post

“So the Lord sent me to Uganda where I met this beautiful evangelist Erika who is now my fiancee. She wrote a book with her uncle, Evangelist Patrick Wandera about her life. Her grandmother was a witch, so Erika found herself dedicated to satan at a very tender age. Exodus: 22. 18.” Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” If you see God Himself telling his people that witches should not live, you should have an idea of the destructive power they wield and how many lives they destroy and destinies they steal. Erica Belinda speaks about how Jesus rescued her from hell and how she got born again.CONTINUE READING IN PAGE 3>>>
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