Shocking Confession!! Meet Ella 26 year’s old Lady who can't get enough of SÉX!!! Her legs are always open for any Man around her...This is MADNESS Please Advise!!!

 his office, the chauffeur too every evening, but they can’t satisfy me at all. That’s why I have to come here every evening to get laid by more guys. I must have SÉX at least 8 times a day. It’s like heaven!”
Ella went on to explain to the reporter that she couldn’t wait to complete this week dose of 56 rounds. The lady also acknowledged the fact that many would think it is abnormal, but she insisted that making love eight times a day can’t really satisfy her. She believes that there is nothing wrong with being SÉX addict. “All the men I have met always have to admit they can’t cope with my SÉXual urge,” Ella boasted.
“See, I don’t need money from any guy. All I want is good, hot SÉX But the problem I have with most of you guys is that you are not bold enough to ask a girl you just met for SÉX even though you all want it”, she concluded.
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