TV Girls Are Completely ROTTEN... Another NTV Presenter In TROUBLE After A Man She Had S3'X With For Money LEAKS Her NEK'KID Photos (WARNING, 18+ PHOTOS)

.. the presenter’s body that displays her unsh'@ven “Nu'nu”.

He captioned one of the photos saying, “Bettinah learn to sh@'ve please…emails loading to prove". 

He further captioned the second photo; “If this b!'tch says these are not her n@d3s.. i have all the leaked emails to prove your di'rty a'$$ wrong. you asked a person via email for 500 USD. 
You went to Dubai to get f@ck3d in a thr33s0me.. mbu you hustle.. NTV wake up.. you remember posting your forged HIV RESULTS u and you sent them to a kenyan dude so u can fly to nairobi and get f@'ck3d for a week.. hehrhe nkulina mbwa gwe.. 
Some tag the who have no time for that @bigeyeug @ntvuganda.” 

The man later deleted the photos and disabled his account after the s3xy TV presenter allegedly bribed him not to cause more damage. 

Tianah was supposed to replace Anne Nakawombe who was sacked after a video of her having s'3x with a workmate leaked online but she is also in a mess even before she hosts the first show. 

Here are the photos… 
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