SHOCKING EXPOSE....TNA MP, ALICE NG’ANG’A, allegedly gets rid of her pregnancy after unprotected S£X with BARASA...see details

Thika town MP, Alice Ng’ang’a, a single mother who is well known for her r@'ndy behaviour in the political circles. She is rumoured to have gotten rid of her pregnancy after dishing out her fle'sh to Daniel Barasa, who was suspended from the National Irrigation Board over corruption.

Alice is said to have lured Daniel Barasa to s3'x so that they can loot money from the National Irrigation Board that they have used to build lavish apartments in Lavington.

The money involved in the looting spree amounted to millions of shillings and that’s why Alice allowed Daniel to hi't it ra'w. After she fell pregnant, the vocal legislator, who was following President Uhuru Kenyatta like a tail, kept a low profile from...
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