SÉX ADDICTION: You Won't Believe How Many Times This Woman Has Séx Every Day with different Men...She needs Help!

25-year-old Terri Hunter has revealed that she needs to have séx up to 12 times and that her séxual addiction is out of control.

The young British woman, while insisting she is not a "slút" , admits she goes to the Internet for partners and agreeing to sléep with them no matter how ugly they turn out to be.

"That's another sad parts of this problem -- my desire for séx overrides any quality control issues," Ms. Hunter says. "It doesn't matter to me how it happens or what they look like and it's a bonus if they're well-endowed."

Terri, who struggles to maintain a relationship because of her addiction, became a slave to love at the age of 17, when she lost her vírginity.

She recalled: "It was like someone had flipped a switch. From then I just developed an insatiable desire for séx...
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