SAD AND PAINFUL TRUTH!!! Classic 105's MAINA KAGENI may be ADMITTED in hospital because of a DANGEROUS & DEADLY DISEASE not...See shocking new details

Classic 105 presenter, Maina Kageni, went off air without giving any notice and this led to all manner of rumours with some people claiming that he had retired from radio.

There was no formal communication from Radio Africa Group’s management to explain Maina’s absence and this led to the cancellation of advertising deals by some blue chip companies that advertise in his popular morning show for fear of lack of audience for their products.

To salvage the situation and prevent further loss, Radio Africa’s management put it clear that Maina Kageni was still their employee only that he was in hospital for a minor operation. It was alleged that Maina was on his usual Tembea Kenya Roadtrip in Kajiado when he injured his knee.

While it’s true that the popular radio presenter injured his knee because he was drunk during the road­trip (actually he was staggering according to a person who attended the road­trip), reliable sources whispered to us that he is admitted in hospital because of...
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