NOW THIS IS SODOM AND GOMORRAH: Remember the CRAZY guy who leaked a PHOTO b@ng!ng his friend’s wife? WATCH THE LEAKED ADULT VIDEO (+21 ONLY)

Remember the guy who leaked a photo last week having s*x with a friend’s wife? Well, don’t worry, if you missed it, SEE HERE . It so happens that he is a Member of the County Assembly (MCA) from Kirinyaga. He is affiliated to Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA and almost three months ago, he was involved in a scandal after a video of him b@ng!ng a lady said to be another friend’s wife leaked online. The s3x hungry MCA, who is identified as Nyaga Nyaga, is seen unleashing his monster “propeller” on the woman who just lies in bed like a log of wood. The woman who seems to be so poor in the game is reduced to a zombie as the randy MCA quenches his thirst for s3x. You can watch the leaked video NEXT PAGE
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