MOI In Deep TROUBLE After Impregnating A 22 Year Old Ethiopian Beauty Then Deserting Her And Her Son Despite Being Filthy Rich me to go into a room where he could later join me. I think he realized that the public was getting curious. One day I asked him why he did not want us to walk together, but he just brushed me off,” she added.

She says that her two-year affair with Moi ended when he was transferred from Addis, having served as a diplomat in Ethiopia between November 2010 and December 2012. However, Fatma claims that she has never disclosed the identity of her baby daddy to her parents out of fear.

She says that she is not interested in Moi’s finances but for him to admit that he was her son’s father, claiming that her son has a right to know who his daddy was.

Ambassador Moi on his part, according to the article, said that he was ready to assume parental responsibility provided there was proof that he was the biological father to Fatma’s son.

“I have told her to follow the right legal channels several times. there is no document showing that I am the father. I have even told her we can go for DNA tests,” said Moi.
Source: The Nairobian
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