MOI In Deep TROUBLE After Impregnating A 22 Year Old Ethiopian Beauty Then Deserting Her And Her Son Despite Being Filthy Rich

A Kenyan diplomat has been accused of s3'xually abusing an Ethiopian woman in his Addis Ababa office. 22-year-old Fatma Alayou has also alleged that Kenya ambassador to Algeria Richard Lemoshira Moi of impregnating her and later deserting her and her three-and-half year-old son.

According to The Nairobian, Fatma met Moi at a social function in Addis Ababa when she was a 16-year-old virgin. Moi was by then the first counselor at the Kenyan Embassy in Ethiopia.

She said that inspite of her innocence as she was, Moi lured her to his office within the embassy building where their clandestine aff'air begun.

“I realized I was bleeding. He said he was lonely,” she said.

Fatma goes ahead to claim that their aff'air went on for two years. For the sake of discretion, she alleges, they kept shifting locations away from the Kenyan embassy, always preferring hotel rooms.

“Sometimes he could.... 
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