MOHAMED ALI to finally reveal JACOB JUMA’s killers & why CHERYL KITONGA was his last “supper’...see shocking details

.. his Kaburi la Wazi investigative piece which will unravel the mystery behind the assassination of Jacob Juma.

Masai also revealed that he talked to Moha as he sought to bring him to NTV to explain why he chose to expose Cheryl Kitonga, the young lady who is said to have been ba'nged by Juma before he was killed by an assassin’s bullet.

Moha is accused of revealing the identity of Cheryl whose identity had been kept a secret by the police earlier.

After the expose, Cherly, who was nicknamed Cheryl Kit'ombi by Kenyans, deactivated her social media accounts after she was harassed by strangers who were asking why she was sel'ling her body like a pig.
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