EXTREMELY SAD: After K24 MERCILESSLY threw her out into the cold while pregnant, now Popular eX KTN & K24 News Presenter ANN NGUGI Is Suddenly The Talk Of The Town....Her story will make you CRY!!!

Anne Ngugi is undoubtedly one of the most talented media personalities in Kenya today. She rose to fame after she began reading the Swahili news bulletins on KTN and later K24. Her high mastery of the Swahili language made her quickly rise to the ranks of other already famous media personalities such as Lilian Muli, Catherine Kasavuli and Kanze Dena. Unfortunately, her career took a nose dive when she was shown the door together with 70 other employees at K24 barely a year after shed been signed on. Adding on to the misfortune, she was pregnant when K24 threw her out into the cold.

Today, Anne is the talk of the town for an entirely different reason. After a candid interview about her...CONTINUE READING + MORE PHOTOS NEXT PAGE 2>>>>

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